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Hello there lovelies! Can you believe that February is almost OVER?! I mean it will be here literally here next week! I can't believe it. So far this year has been great! Kids are excelling in their school work, things are going great for the blog and my business.. PLUS my husband has been a huge support system for my weight loss journey.. more details on that coming soon!

Today as I was folding what seemed like the same shirt for the 5th time this week, I decided to go through all of the kids clothes (again) to see what we needed to get rid of.  That was until I started realizing some of the super cute clothes I had picked out for the kids over the past moth or so! Thai had so many cute tops and perfect fitting jeans, so naturally a light bulb went off! Let's do a post about the amazing finds from our local thrift store!

I have to admit, growing up I LOATHED the thrift store! The thought of cheap, has been hand me downs turned my stomach! I wanted to buy everything free of previous owners. Then all of a sudden one year while I was in college, I found a thrift store full of vintage dresses, shoes (still kinda iffy on shoes) and accessories that I fell in love with it! Ever since then, I always check the thrift store for certain things. I have learned that not all thrift stores are equal so I do have ones I will go to and ones I pretend don't even exist lol. But if you take the time and look, you will find hidden gems!

So.. back to the reason behind the post! All of these clothes are great quality, stylish clothes and not to mention from some of Thai's favorite stores.. ie, Children's Place, Justice, Crazy 8 etc.
BTW She was so pumped about this post!

So take a look at some of her  our favorite pieces!
-note, everything is from the thrift store except the shoes (told ya i'm a little iffy)

First up, her FAVE, Ever After High! These in both our opinion were a great score. These were brand new with the tags still attached! A little big but she loves them!

Next we have her rock star outfit! Her top is a two piece from Justice and even though you can't tell, the black vest has sparkly sequence on the front! The jeans are just walmart jeans but they were like $1 instead of $9-10.

Next up, this panda shirt is from MUDD and her jeggings from Justice! She loves this top!

This look is really cute! Her white top is from Justice, vest is Tommy and jeans are Jordache.

This one is the same white top with a knit sweater over it. The sweater is from Gap Kids and the skirt (her fave) is from Knit Works.

The shirt that describes her everyday (happy) is from Crazy 8 and her pants are from So.

This cat top that says "music rocks" is from Girlyfied and these are the same pink Jordache pants.

Caught watching Odd Squad here lol. Her top and jeans are from Children's Place!

This top, Which is sooo cute! Is from Jessica Simpson! I love the purse detail because it is actually a functioning purse and check out that back!! Plus the fox is cute too. The pants are from Old Navy!

 This top has something that has been a huge thing for the past several months! Mermaid sequins ( i have a journal with it!) The top is from Bongo Girls and these are the same Old Navy jeans,

 And last but not least this top! Thai loves it so much! She thinks the pattern is awesome lol. There was no tag in it so I'm not sure where it's from!

Also (not pictured) we scored tons of cute girly bras and Calvin Klein undies for her! They were brand new and super cute with girly patterns and springy colors! 

From Thai: I hope you guys like this! These are my favorite outfits ever! 

Do you check out the thrift store? What do you look for? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great finds. My 10 year old has been BEGGING me to take him to a thrift store. Go figure. I haven't been in years. We're going to have to check out a few and see what we can find! You found great stuff!

    1. Thank you! The thrift store honestly is hit or miss. It will take you a few trips to find your "go to" store. Happy hunting!

  2. Such great finds!! I had the same attitude toward thrift stores growing up as well. It wasn't until college where I was like "wait, this place is actually dope" I've found so many amazing clothing and household items over the years. And it totally make sense to shop for children there because they are constantly growing.

    1. RIGHT! Like sometimes you hit major deals! lol. Yes, my son tears a new pair of pants almost once a week! It's crazy... thank you for stopping by!