Our Home School Space: Loft Tour

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When we first talked about home school ( in Texas), I had our whole condo planned out. Every space, how I would organize and how I would theme it. I knew ways that I could make the kids' home school space and living space comfortable and allow them to transition easily.

But as you know life changes and you have to learn to rearrange  on a whim to just go with the flow! I'm not going to lie, when we found our new place here in Kansas City the layout was a tad smaller than our condo in Dallas. So like any crazy person  smart person would do, I spent days thumbing through Pinterest, Google and multiple forums on ideas on how to decorate our new space.

Our layout is a tad unfamiliar for me and hey, I'm no interior decorator, so I struggled... A LOT! I wanted to keep the kids' space open and away from their room so they can easily have two comfortable "kid friendly" spaces. But at the same time, I didn't want it to clash with my style of living. I mean don't get me wrong, I love to show off my kiddos, I just don't really want their stuff to overstep my stuff lol.

Once I got some ideas flowing and some advice from fellow home schoolers, I was able to come up with something that was suitable for both my kids and I!

So here it is! Our home school space!

 Now bare with me as I try to explain to you our front room set up lol.  In this first picture, this is a small "hallway" that leads to our kitchen on the right. The windows overlook the river and N. Kansas City. Along the wall are my posters. They are the map of the US, Short and long vowels, Days of the week and months of the year. Below that is a number line and alphabet line that I made at Kaleidoscope ( our favorite art place in kc). Then we have our punctuation board, parts of speech, planets and layers of the Earth, The scientific method, states of matter, literary devices and styles of writing. I picked all of these posters up from the Dollar Tree and they come 2 in a pack (except the map). We have our project table which is just a lego table from craigslist, a laundry basket FULL of kitchen food, plates and pots and pans. And right along the wall behind the couch is the play kitchen.

 This next picture is in our living room. This window also overlooks the river. We decided to keep it in the front room next to the piano so when my husband is working with an artist or making music he can use both at the same time. Not really sure what it is lol. On top we have our work books, flash cards, globe trotter game and leap frog speller. We also keep a few non library books that focus on beginning to read. In the cabinet with the pictures we keep our headphones and Brain-quest flash cards along with misc. items from the library ie contests and flyers. The blue pencil boxes are our pencils, glue sticks, crayons, colored pencils and markers. I didn't get it in the picture but underneath the glass table on the side, we have our craft bucket which is filled with paint brushes, rulers, glitter glue and other non paper craft items (the papers are in another box).

Next we have our bookshelf! Little miss just had to take a picture in front! lol I just love her lol! btw, I just realized she looks almost identical to her older sister Phe! But on our bookshelf, each shelf is different. The first shelf of books are my husbands and mine. We have our Bibles, personal development books, references, journals and planners. Second shelf is our free time reading books that we have bought and checked out from the library. These books are purely ones that the kids enjoy and don't necessarily have to talk about subject we are learning in school. Last shelf is our family games! I have been wanting to pick up more but when ever I go to the store I stop and think, "hmmm, do I really want to pick up all these games?!" and then I pass lol. But we have fun, easy games  puzzles and cards that everyone likes!

I hope you liked this super short tour of our home school space! If you home school, do oyu have a separate space? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love seeing the inside of other people's homeschooling :) I did a post on our new classroom too! I have a full room but my challenge was making it a friendly space for a 1 year old, 2 year old and 8 year old!!

    1. If you want to check out my classroom here's my link http://www.makinghermama.com/2016/11/12/new-homeschool-classroom/

    2. Thank you Nadine! I appreciate your comment! I checked out your space and it is great! I love how you organized and balanced the entire room for all of them! Thank you for stopping by!