My Year In Review

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2016 was the year of are you kidding me?!

Let me start off by saying, I am always thankful for the things that I have, the things I got through and the fact that I wake up every morning next to my amazing husband, and I have the craziest and sweetest kids ever. But every now and then, so much comes at you where you just have to sit back and say "Are you kidding me?!"

2016 was full of those moments, and to spare you reading time and possible eye fractures.... I will only highlights the biggest moments of 2016...

#1. My husband moves- As you know, around January last year my husband decided to move temporarily move to Kansas City to not only launch his business in a new market but also to be with his oldest daughter. The other kiddos and I had to stay in Dallas because they were in a GREAT school, we had an awesome condo and our life was Dallas. The fact that he was willing to relocate temporarily to be with his oldest and to expand his business to take care of his family is beyond amazing and it is one of the reasons why I love him! But the "are you kidding me?" kicks in a few days later. I was in Dallas, alone, with 3 kids for 6 months! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! I mean, school pick ups and drop offs, school functions, homework, play dates... I mean that was just for the kids! I felt like a single parent and the level of stress was enough to sprout 2 grey hairs!

#2. Testing-  My sweet little Thai had been going through testing since the beginning of the year. She worked hard everyday! When the results came in, (this may be selfish) but one of my first thoughts was ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was afraid that I would not be able to help her get over this hump. I was worried she would struggle the rest of her life just trying to understand basic things. I was just in shock and did not know what to do!

#3. Home Schooling- My very first thought was ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! If it wasn't something in Art, English, or something non core related... I sucked! How could I possibly teach my kids something outside of basic common sense.

#4. Relocating pt 2- After all the talks about home school, Thais learning disabilities.... my husband thought it would be best if we all just moved from Dallas to Kansas City.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My whole life was in Dallas and now everything was changing within a matter of a few months.
*** Bonus positive point*** We would ALL be together for more than a week since the summer before, when Phe spent her summer in Dallas :)

#5. The Accident- Once the decision was finalized that the kids and I would move back to Kansas City... My husband and I made a trip to get some of our things and bring them back. On the way back from Dallas, we had a pretty bad accident that totaled our car. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That would make two accidents in less than 10 months.

Even though 2016 was a year of mostly bad hiccups, there were a few good ones too!

#6. Finding a new place- This one was a fairly easy process, not to much stress, just a simple sign and live kind of deal. We found an amazing loft Downtown with  a killer view! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I love looking out our windows at night and seeing the river and city :)

#7. I joined an awesome network of moms from the Kansas city area and I get to contribute to their blog frequently! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I get to write about the city I live in, write about things I do as a mom, review movies and a whole bunch of other stuff! I love it!!

#8. All my kids together- Even though it is not a frequent as we would all want, we love the fact that we a a whole family and our kids are together!

I am definitely looking forward to the 2017. New goals, new adventures and everything bad that happened in 2016 will be OLD NEWS!!!

How was your 2016? Good? Bad? I would love to hear! Let me know in the comments below :)

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