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As you may or may not know. I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event for a new hair company in Kansas City! Missed it? Check it out here!

As a mom, I rarely get to go all out and get snazzy ,unless I have a big event! So, I wanted to share what I wore that night and where you can get it!

First off let me say this, this outfit was one of the most simple outfits I have ever put together! I wanted to make sure I was dressed appropriately for the event but comfortable as well! Plus, like just about every woman in the world... everything cost less than my shoes! So it was a win :)

1.My top is just a basic white tank with think straps. It is fall  yes I know... but you never know what it will be like in a room full of people! The temp can always fluctuate!

2. My shawl is this beautiful blush pink from Forever 21+ and it is a one size fits all, YES!! I love that lol. This actually kept me pretty warm when outside despite how it looks. The fabric was just thick enough to keep the breeze to a minimum but not be a sweat box either. GET IT HERE!

3. My skirt was actually in the wrong department! This navy Pencil is also from Forever 21 and it is by far one of the best skirts I have wore! It is a cotton blend skirt with an elastic waistline. It really felt like it was there for support if you know what I mean lol! I felt very well "held together"  GET IT HERE!

4. My shoes! I'm pretty sure you have seen me talk about them before, Instagram, Facebook, on the blog.. somewhere lol! But these are one of my favorites! I caught these Yves Saint Laurent beauties on a major sale at Nordstrom! 

5. My necklace is another Forever 21 find! I really.. really like this necklace! Not only did it go flawlessly with my outfit but it too was marked down! It was the only one in store and I can not find it online anywhere... but if you want to look for something very similar CHECK THIS ONE OUT!

I hope you enjoyed this little number as well! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

This post is not sponsored in any way and I will not receive any compensation or perks for sharing... I simply want to share what I wore and where you can get it! 

PS: I apologize for the pictures being so dark! Daylight Savings time has definitely kicked in!

Photo snagged by my BFF :)

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  1. Daylight savings time is killing my photo shoots too! so much darkness! but I love this classy look!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    1. I know, crazy right?! Thank you for your kind words!

  2. You look great! I love the look. Forever 21 is also one of my "go to" stores. I used to work right around the corner from one and the associates new me because I was there on a weekly basis.

    1. Thank you! Yes they are great! It can get pretty basic when it comes to plus size clothing and they always have great options! They are always 1st on my list!

  3. Love the outfit! very fab and chic!