Baby It's Cold Outside!

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Gold,tan and wine

Can you believe it is already November?! I am totally freaking out!I mean Thanksgiving will be here next week, then next thing you know it is is 2017! Ahh this is crazy!

Since I have been back in Kansas City, the weather up here has made me definitely appreciate the Texas weather A LOT more that's for sure. The light jacket weather there definitely seems to be some sort of a fantasy for me at this moment lol. Every time I log into Facebook I see someone else in shorts lol. I mean come on guys I love you but please have some compassion for me!

 But hey, one thing I do like about the cold weather.... the clothes! The tend to get a lot cuter and there are more opportunities for accessories! I mean there are scarves, gloves, hats, stockings.. you name it! The cold weather gives us more reasons to add more to our look and I am sooo not against that!

This look is one of my favorite cold weather outfits! I wanted to keep it  chic and classic with the deep reds, cremes and gold. Plus it is so simple to piece together.  Here is a tip, when in doubt , just go solid! Solid colors are the easiest to put together, even if shades are a bit off. You can add more "off shades" to mix up the look. Another thing I love about winter time is the sweaters! Who doesn't love a nice comfy sweater that you can snuggle up in?! I know I do! But back to this look lol. With so many holidays and social gatherings that happen during the "cold months", an outfit like this would be perfect for your social gathering and stressful days... no heels so you can really enjoy your time instead of having aching feet or an aching back, no skirt so if you do want/need to go out and about you don't have to worry about your legs getting dry from excess bursts of cold air... I mean you just feel more cozy and ready for anything!


Now that the sun is setting sooner and the days are getting colder, what's something you have to have to keep warm?! Let me know in the comments below!

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