Shameless Bragging

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I know, I know, I know.... I really shouldn't do this but hey... I'M A MOM and this is what we do!
No this is not a list of my wants, a tip on eating healthier or anything else..

It is a shameless brag! That's right I am bragging!

I love my kids and I believe they are awesome! From having two homes, multiple surgeries, being a lone wolf and too young to hang with the big kids... I think think kids are pretty awesome! Plus, my kids are my world!
I know you are probably sick of hearing people say things like " my kid is so smart", "My kids are so well behaved",  "my kids are the BEST", " My kid blah blah blah".. I know it's a headache!

But since my husband decided that we should all move back to Kansas City ( that's right, I'm no longer a Texas resident :( ) to be with our oldest, our family has gotten stronger, more close knit and the love has flourished!

As you may know we have a blended family and it isn't always sunshine and rainbows, (see how we manage to make it work  HERE!) but having all of them together makes life seem less complicated.

Sooo, as soon as we had the opportunity, you bet I did what any parent with a camera would do! I decided to do our own little kids only photo shoot!

Hey, why not?!

Sooo... back to my shameless bragging on my kids, here are some photos that we took around the city on a beautiful Fall day!

Phoenix 10
Thailand 8

Baltimore 5
Italy 3

Best Friends Forever

Two Peas in a Pod

Being with them everyday is hard work, stressful, chaotic and mind boggling... but I wouldn't change it for the world! To my kiddos, if you ever see this one day... know that you will forever have my heart! 

Want to see the rest?! Click HERE!

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