Granny Chic

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Granny Chic
I'm not really a "trendy" person... I tend to go with my heart on what looks good, feels good and if it's something I just can't leave behind.. But when I seen this seasons runway collections, there was one trend I was totally on board with! That is Granny Chic! 

Yes... seriously! 

This trend is something that speaks to me on a whole new level. I always loved some of my grandmothers eccentric pieces of jewelry and coats. When she passed I was lucky to inherit some of her best ones! Granny Chic is something that could definitely be more than a trend, I can see it being around for a while! Over sized coats, floral and lace, cat- eyes and brooches ahhh!! I'm so excited that designers are embracing this style!


If you are not familiar with Granny Chic and ways to pull it off, here are a few tips that will easily help you execute this look!

1- Great coat- A great over sized coat will be your saving grace! Make sure it has long sleeves, a little extra space on the collar or lapel and extra cool points for prints and colors! Try pastels or eccentric colors like green, orange tinted tans or mustard.

2- Accessories- In my opinion, pearls are a girls best friend! I love them, I don't know why, I just do! So when putting together your accessories for this Granny Chic look, add some pearls! Try over sized round ones if going minimal or smaller ones paired with a pearl choker or necklace. A brooch is one added touch that can easily compliment or ruin your look. Make sure it has something special about it. Try one with a single colored gem, an animal ( peacocks are always cool) or one that is just so beautiful... it is guaranteed to catch everyone's eye.

3- Prints-  Face it, grandmas are known for loud, crazy and off the wall prints! Look for some beautiful florals, unique prints or even simple ones. Try to avoid animal prints AT ALL COSTS! This is Granny Chic... not Cougar Chic lol.

4-Glasses- A great pair of vintage/ vintage inspired glasses are sure to draw attention.

5-Velvet/Satin- The Granny Chic trend on the runways have been flooded with velvet! I have to be honest... I love the way it looks, but I'm not a fan of the feel. I could rub it all day but I never liked the way I felt in it. So, if you are down for the velvet... get you a great velvet blouse with a pussy bow or classic bow around the neckline. Not down for the velvet? Try a satin blouse instead!

I hope these simple tips will help you come to the dark side lol.. no seriously, I hope these tips for going Granny Chic will help you feel more comfortable, confident and even love the Granny Chic look!

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Love this trend for fall? What are your go to items? Let me know in the comments below!

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