10 Years and counting!

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10 years ago, I married my best friend! We didn't have a wedding, we didn't have a witness, we didn't even have a ring.

We had love, we had a friendship, we had faith in each other.

10 years ago today I repeated vows from a Judge in Arlington, Tx. And over the past 10 years, over the ups and downs, good times and bad times, gains and losses. Those vows not only stand firm, but new ones seemed necessary to add.

To my dearest Husband,
I promise to not only be by your side during the good times but also the hard times. (Even though I'm still working on it)I promise to not only honor you by my words but my actions as well. I promise to support, encourage and respect your decisions, dreams, goals and endeavors. I promise to watch more Martin, laugh at more jokes, and listen to more classics. I promise to test Pinterest recipes before making you eat them and I promise to stop showing you every Pin. I promise to let you rest more and I promise to continue to be your alarm clock. And most importantly, I promise to follow you, pray with you, grow with you and keep our home, kids and marriage focused and centered on God and his truth. 

I have always and will always love you!

Happy 10th Anniversary babe!

Your wife

Marriage is something that requires 2 things, communication and sacrifice. You may wonder, "if I love someone and they love me, why should I have to make sacrifices?"
The truth is when you get married, the old you almost ceases to exist. You are now one with someone else. Instead of being just you or just your spouse, you both are now someone different. You take your good qualities and bad qualities and mix them into one NEW person. Both of your good qualities make you even better and your bad qualities are now being brought to light so you can change them. That is the sacrifice, being a better person for the one you committed your life too.

 Our marriage is no where near perfect, never has been and never will be. But keeping our faith, communication and sacrifice for one another a priority.... we can overcome anything!

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