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Black and Grey

Got plans this weekend? Maybe a football game or headed out to the country for some apple picking.. then you need to be comfortable!

Growing up I never missed a football game from 7th grade- 12th (I was a cheerleader)! And even now as I'm older, I catch my 'boys playing every game starting from pre-season, (yes it counts!). And whether I'm at the game, tailgating,  or having friends over, I have to be comfortable. Same as going out to the country for family pictures and picking pumpkins!

For this look, I kept everything simple and cozy! Dark denim is a necessity in every closet! And since it's getting a bit chilly in morning and night hours, a cardigan is a must! I tend to wear cardigans even in the summer time (i'm crazy) so make sure you are stocked with plenty of them! Minimal accessories keep this look simple and ready for action! I mean seriously who wants to go out pumpkin picking with a huge bag and chunky jewelry?!

Like I said before boots are a staple for fall weather! So adding boots to this look was another no brainer. Make sure you pick a few solid boots that work well with just about any combination. Also, keep in mind of your areas typical fall weather. If it's colder obviously you will need an extra layer or vise versa. If it rains a lot, you may need to by an extra pair or two of boots and also different materials than the one in this look. But you're a smart cookie, you got this ;)!

What is your favorite fall activity? Is it a tradition?! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love this look, especially those boots!

    1. Thank you! Aren't these boots cute!? I love a good boot with details...

      Thank you for commenting!