Fall Food Faves!

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Hey y'all.

Get ready for soups, cocoas, and a whole lotta pumpkin!

Fall is known for many things and comfort food is one of them! Let's face it, the colder it gets the more our bodies crave that ooey gooey, extra hearty foods that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


Just because it's comfort food, doesn't mean that it should put a damper on your diet... there are plenty of foods out there during this time of the year that can make you feel warm and fuzzy with out all the guilt...

You know I love Pinterest and honestly they have some hits, misses and complete wastes of time. So to get this Fall Ball rollin, I wanted to share some of my favorite Fall foods that are not only a comfort food, but a great healthy meal!


1st, my favorite Fall food, isn't technically a food lol it's a drink. This drink is my absolute FAVORITE!!!! After some research, I actually found recipes to make it at home! Soooo I will be doing that soon, VERY SOON! Until then I will just march on down to Starbucks to get my.......

 Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!

2nd Turkey Chili is one of the best comfort foods out there. Who doesn't love a good hearty chili anyway, it's packed with protein, fiber and not to mention its delicious! Check out this awesome recipe I found over at Wine and Glue!

3rd, Apple Crisp is one of those super sweet indulgences that you constantly tell yourself, " hey it has apples in it!" lol. Before I started watching what I was putting in my stomach, my ultimate favorite recipe for apple crisp was my grandmother's. She was from the east coast and part Dutch... need I say more?! But this recipe over at Tastes Better From Scratch, is wonderfully delicious! Off top it has way less sugar and butter than my grandmother's, but it has just as much flavor!

4th, Baked sweet potato fries are something that I honestly eat all year round! Not only are they healthier (if made healthy) but they are in my opinion, way more filling. I love to play around with different seasonings from time to time but I have found this recipe over at Moms Need To Know has been my "go to" source! Every now and then I will add a little cayenne pepper to spice it up!

 Last but not least, Chicken Tortilla Soup! I love this recipe for so many reasons! 1, it's YUMMY!! 2, it's light and loaded with veggies and spices. 3, who doesn't love a Mexican inspired dish!? 4, this  is cheap and it can be divided into freezer meals! I love being able to put something in the slow cooker so I can go about my day AND have the aroma fill the house! This recipe over at Cooking Classy is super simple and absolutely yummy!

All of these recipes are healthy, easy and perfect for Fall! So grab your blanket and a bowl of one of these and you are good to go! 

What are your favorite Fall foods? Do you have a go to recipe? Let me know in the comments below!!

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