Fall Fashion for Fellas #1

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Men's Fashion #2

With Fall technically in a little over a week, (it's Fall already to me), I have to try and post all of my Fall Favorites! Hopefully I will be able to share all of the Fall love with you guys in between my frequent stops to load up on Pumpkin Spice Lattes lol.

But starting September off right, I decided to share this look for all the gentlemen out there! Fall in my opinion is THEE BEST time for men to dress! Sweaters, scarves, umbrellas and the occasional boots! But mostly blazers are no longer a part time thing and most guys suddenly get the urge to add in beautiful colors like oxblood and olive!

For this look I kept it pretty simple, nothing to daring, just simple, clean and sharp! A light grey and oxblood are always a great combo when you want to draw attention. When you have such a wide contrast, they eyes will automatically zone right onto you! Of course accessories for a man  have to look just as good! So why not be a little bold with your shoes and belts! I personally love cognac colored shoes... and if you can find a belt at wallet that matches perfectly, MORE POWER TO YOU!!

 When dressing the gents, I only ask for one thing... just try it on! 9/10 times they end up loving it and tend to stay with that color or pattern for a while.

But everyone, let's be honest! Nothing looks better on a guy than a clean, sharp look(excluding a fresh hair cut)! If a guy works with his hands and is in jeans and t-shirts everyday, you will be amazed how he transforms from rugged hottie to millionaire stud!


I have seen it way too many times lol, which I'm sure you have too!

What do you like to see your man in during the Fall?! Have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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