Fall Diva

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Fall Diva

This season, one color has decided to stay with us a little longer than expected! I'm talking about Rose! Blush, Deep Pink, Rosé whatever! I love every shade and what better way than to pair it with OLIVE!

I always encourage those I am styling or giving advice to take risks, don't be afraid of trends( you may find your holy grail of colors or fits). If you like a specific color or pattern, embrace it!

For this look, I wanted to keep it simple and clean but change up the fittings in one look. So, I paired a simple form fitting dress that is sure to make you feel feminine and beautiful along with an over sized trench coat for a little extra movement. Simple pearl accessories and a clutch to match that gorgeous hat and boots!

I personally have always loved pearls. I don't think they are out dated or only for older women either. I think they add a level of elegance and for some reason, always seem to soften the look. You could wear jeans and a sweater and the moment you add a pearl bracelet or earrings, you have and instant softer look.

I personally am jealous of those that can ear boots that go past the ankle lol. I have big legs and it does become frustrating trying to find that perfect boot! So if you are reading this and you see these boots, DON'T WORRY!!! There are boots out there! But if you don't want to track them down, just opt for a simple low cut bootie, they look just as great!

I hope you are taking risks this fall with your wardrobe! What are you planning on adding to your look this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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