Our Trip To The KC ZOO!

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One thing I love about Homeschooling is that we can really "do what we want". I decided to start our year early since it was our first year that way we had plenty of time for review and honestly because I'm still a little lost lol. 
So when the kiddos were getting bored with school, I decided a field trip was necessary! We have been studying animals and what they need to survive and such.. so the zoo seemed like a perfect fit. The kids always love to take a trip to the zoo, the variety of animals, the train rides and sky safari (which I hate), they LOVE IT!

This particular trip to the zoo, I wanted to make sure we had as much fun as we could but still made it educational. We tried to catch every Zookeeper Chats, where the zookeeper would explain more about the animals and what their habitat is like, and we could do to make sure we didn't ruin it as humans. I actually learned quite a bit! In order to make sure we caught as many as we could, I gave each kid a map from the front entrance and whenever we seen an animal, they would mark it off their map! And every time we heard from a zookeeper, they would put a dot next to it! Unfortunately, their maps didn't escape the "flood of wagon 96".... and all their maps were ruined... so we didn't get to use them as a review :(. 

We must have been at the Zoo for 5 hours.. and when I finally had the chance to go through my camera, I seemed to only capture a few! And honestly these were the best shots lol. I'm not gonna lie I felt a little disappointed! I really had this plan to print and use the pictures for future projects... but now we are subject to Shere Khan & King Louie and Gerald & Dori... sorry kids!

But, I promise... we seen at least 3/4 of the zoo!

 As much as we enjoyed the animals, I have to say I think the kids enjoyed my camera a little more this round! While trying to snap random candid photos of them engaging, they always seemed to find the lens (with the exception of a few candid ones) lol. All in all these photos really sum up my kiddos personalities... to a "T"! Out of all the kids, B-boy is not to keen on the camera.. he gets that from his dad lol. 

At the end of the day, we had a great time! The kids burned of a gajillion energy particles, I burned a decent amount of calories and I got some great shots of my babies!

What "field trips" do you and your homeschoolers like to do? Let me know in the comments below :)

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