FALL for this look!

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Can you believe it is August!?
I am beyond excited for Fall, after all it is my favorite time of year! The cool crisp air, the smell of apples and pumpkins, the pretty leaves! Ahh everything about Fall is just perfect! I love it!

Along with all the coolness and yummy smells, the fashion is beyond eye catching. Gloves, boots, scarves and more boots lol. Now, I love boots, they are life. But  I am a true lover of a good scarf. A long thick soft and fuzzy scarf is like a long lost best friend. You don't see them all year and then bam! The wind shifts and they are right there to get you those "chilly days" with nothing but comfort and support.

Same with a cardigan or light sweater, I practically wear them all year.. even in Texas! No, I'm not anemic or iron deficient lol. I just love a great cardigan. Pretty much at this point in my life, I feel like they are necessary! Don't ask why.... they just ARE!

For this look, I used some of my favorite Fall colors!

First off let me say this, I feel like olive is totally an underestimated color. It is actually very versatile and if worn correctly, can look great in any season! So when creating this look, I wanted to make sure that I was showing just how well it can be paired with contrasting colors and even print!

Like I said earlier I love boots :)

I consider anything "closed around the top of the foot a boot lol. You say booties I say boots, same difference lol. But honestly until there is ice on the ground or you're just going casual, boots with heels are the way to go. Now just to ease your mind, not all boots are created equal! Some boots should be left in the warehouse that created them, no better yet on the paper that sketched them! A good boot will tie together an entire look, keep your legs from looking stout and your feet freakishly small. So If you have small feet, I highly recommend a boot with some form of accent on it to aid in length or even to make them look a tad slender.

So, before you go out on that date or take fall family photos, wear something similar to this to really make a statement!

What is your favorite thing for fall? Do you prefer a boot with a heel or do you prefer to be a little closer to earth? Let me know in the comments below!

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