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floral, olive and pearls

I love being creative! I love throwing things together and really mixing things up when it comes to style. If you can't express yourself through clothes then we might as well just be living in that movie called "The Giver".. (if you haven't seen it you should, great movie!).

But when dressing someone, it's not as easy as just grabbing what "speaks to you". You have to remember that you are dealing with someone that may be completely opposite of you. I feel it is always important to lay a foundation with them. Get to know their likes and dislikes, what makes them feel comfortable and what doesn't. Are they in a rut? Are they afraid of color or patterns? Really try to understand where they are in their fashion lifestyle and where they want to go.

This look is for those that love color or maybe even want to explore a new colorful world! I mean nothing says colorful like gold trousers and a floral jacket!

This look is definitely different from a lot of the others ones that I have created. It has solids, patterns, bright colors, deep colors, nudes and that's just what you see! Don't even get me started on the texture....

If you haven't noticed already, I believe that accessories are a must for ever look! No matter how big, how small, how many or few, accessories must be present at all times! A  perfect accessory can really take your look to a new level. It truly completes it!

One thing about me is that I really feel like someone of a "seasoned age" lol. I love the way people dressed and just the over all elegance that styles possessed in the earlier decades. I have tons of books in my home that are filled with fashions from the early 1900's to the late 1960's and some form of those decades usually shows its presence in just about every look I create.

First let's take it back to the year 1920, turbans were THE DEAL back then. Of course countries from around the world and even centuries before that rocked a turban.. but in the 1920's that's when they took on a whole new world. The world of style and glam.. I love a great turban.. it honestly is one of the easiest yet most distinctive accessories you can have in a look. So it was only fitting that I paired it with these pieces.

This look is prefect for a girl's night out, a first date or really just anywhere you can be social and don't mind sticking out! Outside the turban, the gold trousers are a statement all on their own. I mean they are Gold Jacquard trousers for Pete's sake! You wear those bad boys with a burlap sack as a top and people will still comment on how much they love your pants! lol

But seriously, I love creative outfits and for someone that needs a little guided direction on adding more colors or mixing patterns, try something like this look! It is effortless but still stunning at the same time!

What is your favorite piece from this look? Where di you draw your inspiration? Let me know in the comments below :)

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