School Supplies Haul! Target & OfficeMax Edition

by - 9:57:00 PM

Can you believe it is already going to be August?! For some people they actually start school in 3 weeks! I can't believe it myself... just think, this time last year I was scrambling and literally down on my hands and knees searching for specific colors and so many pronged folders.. what a nightmare!


 Since we have decided to home school I have been searching for every "free" resource available.  There are so many  books and packets and worksheets out there and if  you don't search around, it can get expensive and excessive really quick. So when I seen the "Back to School" ads, I knew I had to jump on them fast before the rush!

So here is my school supply haul that literally cost a little over $18.00. Some items I could only get three at a time which is ok in our house since we are only homeschooling 2! However, not everything was part of the "back to school" sale but they were on clearance.

Check out the ads for Target and OfficeMax here!

What deals have you found? Let me know in the comments below! Happy shopping!!

***Prices may differ by location and tax***

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