Summer Shenanigans

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Summer Shenanigans

So it is summer and you know what that means! Summer shenanigans! While up in Kansas City this summer I will be dreaming about my pool back home and the relaxing beach chairs! So wherever you are do me a favor and take a break for me lol.
While dreaming of being back home in Dallas I was inspired by the warm weather visiting the lake! Oh how I love Texas :)

So I have decided to create an easy style inspiration that is perfect for summer. Whether you are going to concerts, the beach, festivals or camping...  or basically anything wonderful  outside.
This look is simple, fashionable and also affordable! You can get these pieces from the retailers (click the image) or really from just about anywhere.  Can't decide to dress it up or down? Try sexy sandals to dress it up a bit or a pair of canvas shoes for an even more relaxed look!

You can get this look by clicking on the pictures! Happy summer!

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