4th of July

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4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Well almost 4th lol... I am so excited for this years festivities... Usually we go somewhere with friends or family memebers but this year we have decided to take the easy street. No party, no hosting and no extra dishes!! We will be spending it together, just the 6 of us! A small barbecue with stuff I can actually eat lol and the best part of it all.. FREE FIREWORKS! I have never been one to "burn money" so why not go see some free fireworks... I'm always up for free!


Need some style inspiration for the 4th? Then you will surely like this. The 4th of July is a very festive time, not to mention hot. So I always aim for extra comfort during the summer shenanigans. One major thing you need is comfortable jeans. I know shorts would seem to be the best option, but a pair of loose capris would actually be more ideal. More than likely you will be outside all day and the mosquitoes will be at an all time high. So capris are a simple way to avoid getting eaten alive and mounds of sticky bug spray.

Of course, no summer outfit is complete without amazing shades and awesome bag! I hope this look will give you a little inspiration for this 4th of July! What are you planning on wearing? What is your family's tradition?

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