To teach or not to teach?

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Hey guys! My house is FINALLY starting to calm down with from all the commotion going on. Actually, not really! Even though we finished the remaining Dr. appointments and surgery is no longer a first option (that would be 4 for Thai) I feel like our life has been on a whirl wind. But through it all we always prevail.

One of the main reasons my life has been thrown through a loop is that ^^^  right up there. Yup you see it in bright bold font.. "HOMESCHOOLING"! The thought of homeschooling has been a topic of conversation in our home many times before. When Thai first started kindergarten it seemed like we made mention of it at least 2-3 times a week. The school and the district was not as promising as one would hope. From bullies, to lack of attention to down right rudeness (from the staff) my husband and I would toy with the idea of how we could make it work. At the time we had a one year old and a 3 year old so needless to say my life was FULL of excitement and baby messes. So I would always find a way to talk myself out of it.

When we finally were able to move to a better area we knew the school system was going to be waaay better than the school she was  enrolled in at the time. However our expectations were beyond met when we learned that she was going to a brand new school! It was zoned so we knew that they meant business when planning it!

When Thai first started 1st grade at her new school she was definitely nervous... as were I. Would she get bullied again for being behind? Would her teacher take the time to help us get intervention services? Would they respect our religious beliefs? So many things popped into my head before that first day. But everything was perfect, Thai loved her teacher, the school and she was confident! We were in LOVE with our new school home!

During her 2nd grade year, we were pretty much forced to move due to certain circumstances that were putting our children's health at risk. Among many, many other things the home that we were renting was NOT suitable for my family and I to live in. So me moved to the best place available. Unfortunately the best place available for us at the time was in a new district. Thankfully the principal allowed us to continue sending our kids to school.

But now that the year is over, we have begun to look at places in the district but, we have not been so lucky. If we don't find a place before school starts she will have to enroll in the school assigned to our current address which is NOT a place where she could thrive at the same pace.

Now to the whirl wind part...

Homeschooling has now been the main, actually only topic, of discussion lately. I tried to convince my husband some time ago to move out to the 'burbs lol and all of a sudden one day it was "let's move and home school."... and this time HE was the serious one.

So after hours of going back and forth and telling each other our pros and cons.. we still have not come to a full conclusion yet! So like any control freak, I have been doing constant research, asking tons of questions and  bombarding my Pinterest pinpals with home school stuff :). Thankfully a good friend of mine from church hooked me up with this amazing site on how to get ready for homeschooling. If you are interested you can check it out HERE.

I know homeschooling would give our family the freedom to be together more, especially since my hubby is still out of the state for business. But more importantly, I know the one on one would do wonders for my Thai.. but is it really the best route?

I have mentioned before that Thai was really behind on her learning curve and yes, she has thrived soo much since enrolling at her school.. but part of me has become convinced that she needs to be in a school setting to thrive. Not to mention I love my "not out numbered by kids time". I can focus on just the baby, get more errands done because I only have one kid to tote around and many more selfish reasons I'm sure.

But, on the other had, another part of me feels like homeschooling would absolutely be the best. We would be able to insure that our values and beliefs will not be compromised as well as being together with my husband when he travels for long periods of time.

Sooo to all my homeschooling homies out there.... PLEASE let me know the TRUTH! How has it changed your home life? Better or worse? More freedom? More stress? Let me know!

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