Color Pop!

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So you know what spring means right?! Colors, colors and colors!! Oh yea and dresses also..
Really when you get to know me I have two zones that I do day to day, all black or mix and match tones :). I love the way vibrant colors pop when paired with either a nude or deep color.

This outfit was one of the easiest color combos ever and one of my faves!

The dress is from Forever21+. I actually think I got it on sale! Either way it was less than $20 at the time I bought it. I was a little worried about the length.. dresses like these are cut strait across and if you have wider hips or bigger rear it tends to hike quite a bit. It may look like a decent length in the front, but trust me.. I was constantly pulling at the back lol

The jacket is Lafayette 148 New York and  I got it at Neiman Marcus. This jacket is super comfy! I love the sleeve length and the color is superb! It's a little hard to tell because of the shotty photos (sorry) but it is a little darker than royal blue. My only complaint is that they didn't have anymore available!

And last but not least my gillies! For some reason I love calling my feet/kids feet/ hubbys feet/ shoes gillies. I seen this movie years ago( i was like 10) the mother became a leprechaun and she called her sons feet gillies hehe... so I say that from time to time. Any way... my shoes are Kenneth Cole. I picked these babies up from the Kenneth Cole store at the Galleria- Dallas. I took me a little while to get used to the heel height since it is much shorter than what I would normally wear. Plus the toe shape is a lot more pointy than I am used to as well. But these shoes are perfect for just about anything.

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