UNLEAVENED School Lunch Ideas: Day 3

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Yummy, yum, yum! Here is what's for lunch today!
So far these unleavened lunches have been approved by the kiddies.. They are so excited when we talk about what they ate, what they want to eat and so forth.  

Here is day 3! It may not look like a lot for lunch, especially compared to the other pictures. But this lunch is jammed pack with protein, fiber and a few extra carbs! 

Shockingly a few years ago, after my hubby had a long hot day of meetings and I was in and out of what seems like every store in the metro... we were both just exhausted. The kids needed dinner, we needed dinner, and after you eat out at restaurants or fast food more than once a day, a few days in a row... you want something from home! So both of us wagered back and forth and finally, I had convinced him to make dinner that night.. lol. So because it was hot ( i hate eating hot food in the summer) I begged for something "cool". 

Next thing I know he brings me a bowl of tuna salad.. BLAH! I was never a tuna kinda person and I never thought my kids would be. But he sure is! 

When I took my fist bite, I was in love! The kids too! I don't know if it's the way he made it or what but ever since then I have been hooked ( no pun intended) on tuna salad! So when making this lunch series for this year I KNEW I had to add tuna salad! It is one of their faves and it has tons of protein to keep them full and omega 3s to keep them focused!

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Have any questions or suggestions? Let me know below!

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