Take A Dip: Summer 2016

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Sooo, I know it's Spring but it practically feels like the beginning stages of  Summer in Texas. And the way time flies, Summer will be here before you know it! 

This summer the trends are insanely CUTE! Since I am plus size and not very comfortable in a swimsuit, I have always been more of a vintage style swimsuit gal. Picture the famous Marilyn Suit...
But after seeing these summer trends for 2016, I am rethinking my suit of choice!
There are so many places out there to get a good suit. Just about every store has something you can find. But let's be honest.. if you are plus size like me, the choices you get are very slim..( no pun intended). However there are a few popular places where anyone can find a suit that is reasonably priced, trendy and comes in a variety of sizes. So the ones I am showing you today come from swimsuits for all and one of my fave places forever 21

So let's take a look at what trends you will be seeing this Summer!

from TL to BR:

1. Macrame- Not going to lie, I never knew what this was. I heard it a few times on HIMYM but was still clueless! But after seeing some Macrame suit styles.. I totally get it! So edgy yet kinda tropical if you ask me. The intricate design reminds me of being on a remote island and sipping from a coconut!! I can't explain why this is so cool.. it just is! It definitely will be seen this year!

2. Geometric/Aztec/Prints- Whatever you want to call it, prints are pretty normal when it comes to suits. But this year... it's gone to a whole new level! So many shapes and colors!! When all that geometric madness is combined, it is flattering for all body types. Being a plus size gal, I love the fact that something so cute can look great on all body types. It makes shopping less stressful and not so " I want to stuff my face with chocolate because all the cute ones are only in the "regular" sizes". 

3. High Neck Halters- Yes halter top bathing suits have been around for decades... but this season these babies are so much more than a bathing suit top. Before or after you are done parlaying by the pool, just add a wrap/shorts/ cover up and you have the perfect out and about attire! No need to worry if you are showing to much up top, just a gorgeous tan!

4. Monokinis- Talk about sexy! The monokini has been a trend for a few seasons now, and honestly I don't think it's going anywhere!! Strategic placing of the fabric gives you just as much confidence as if you were wearing a two piece, yet comfort for those that don't like to bare it all.

5. Cut outs- Like the monokini, simple cutouts give you an added confidence and make you feel a little extra fabulous! However, these can be a lot more or a lot less revealing depending on the over all suit style (one piece, bikini, halter.. etc).

6. One Shoulder Strap- NEED I SAY MORE!? 

7. Fringe- This summer you can expect just about every BOHO cutie to rock the fringe suit. The suit in the above picture is by far the hottest one in my opinion. But there are indeed sooo many different styles! Fringe suits have been slowly taking over the swim world this season! You will definitely catch a few of these soaking up the sun! 

What is your favorite swimsuit style? Know any other places that have great suits!? Let me know below :)

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