Lipstick Cocktail #1

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So you may know by now that I love just about every shade of makeup out! However one of my FAVORITE things to do is make Lipstick Cocktails! If you don't know what that is ( which i'm sure you do) it is a combination of two or more colors to make one amazing color!

There are so many concoctions that can be made, but this one right here was one of the first Lipstick Cocktails I ever made. I probably wore it everyday for months! All I know is when I switched colors it was because I ran out and the local drug store was always out of the one I needed :(... so, you have been warned for how addicting this color combo is lol.

First the liner. I may have mentioned the BOMB makeup kit my hubby got me as a surprise, but I have no idea who it is by or where it came from! He said" I just googled makeup kits and ordered the big one" lol. Gotta love that guy! But I do know that the liner is called " Pale Pink" so you get the idea of the shade(hopefully).

Second, my base color. Before I added my base color, I contoured my lips with the liner then I used "Nude" from Wet N Wild. Since the "Nude" is well, nude lol it mixed very well with the " Pale Pink" liner for a kinda blushed color.

Third, my second color was "Just Peachy" also by Wet N Wild and it is VERY peachy! So I just used a little. I dabbed a few spots on my top and bottom lip and just blended it right in!

Finally, to set and add a little extra shimmer, I used my favorite blush from MAC called  "Dainty". So I wouldn't use too much, I just used my pinky to add the blush!

And there ya go! One of my favorite Lipstick Cocktails!

Try it out and let me know what you think! You can email me or or @ me on one of my social medias... Just click the Connect with me icons on the right!

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