2 weeks and counting!

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Hello there wonderful people! There has been so much going on in our crazy fun house! To start with, lets say there has been an infestation of colds, viruses and bugs floating around our living space.

It all started at the beginning of April with random rashes, fevers, hives and sore throats.... which I later learned was strep throat. Thankfully, out of all of us, B Boy was the only one that had strep, but.. the girls had all the other symptoms. So it was an exciting night of ER drama( B Boy puked all over the place)long wait times and no sleep for 24 hours! Thankfully, my wonder BIL and SIL were there to help out!  Once all that jazz got sorted out and under control, I was next on the chopping block. I literally felt like my body was shutting down. I had a fever, sore dry throat and body aches that were out of this world. I mean they seriously gave my cramps a run for their money! What I thought was an awful start to a horrible cold, actually wasn't. My hubby ( who is still over 500 miles away) informed me I needed rest... so for 3, yes 3 days I rested, and you know what he was RIGHT!  I stayed on my couch sleeping as much as I could and spent the rest of the time watching cartoons during the day with the baby. Finally after loads of hot tea and water, my head was feeling better and I actually started to get energy.

 I felt bad at first because the first evening I couldn't even get up off the couch to make dinner. If I stood up my knees would begin to buckle... so they had turkey wraps and chips for dinner. No it was not a glamorous meal (it never is at our house) but they were full and happy. But then I started to think... I really need to rest! If I get up and act like I am ok then I would not be able to give the kiddos my all. I don't know about you, but I would rather be alert and well while playing with my kids rather than telling them over and over to " be quiet, I have a headache" or just half listening to what they did at school. As hard as it was, I put my needs above theirs. I had to get better for me to do my job. If my hubby was here of course it would be totally different. I wouldn't have been so exhausted and sleep deprived and I never would have shut down like I did. Yea I would feel some guilt every now and then.. especially when they wanted to go for a walk and it hurt just to wiggle my toes. But I did my best to explain to them that mommy was really not able to do anything at the moment.

My sweet Thai waited on me hand and foot when she got home from school, at least until I told her she could use some of her game time points to play games instead of waiting until Friday lol. But they all stood by my side when it was convenient for them and that really did help in my "recovery" process.

Day 2 was a complete blur and so was most of day 3. I just remember on day 3 that I loaded the dishwasher lol! The next day I felt great! I got a few small things done around the house, we made it to church that weekend, we even had an awesome visit with family friends that were visiting from Chicago! things were looking up!

After all of that mess, I thought we were in the clear... that is until the following Monday when Thai had caught some tummy bug. A little under an hour after I dropped Thai off I got a call from the school nurse... Thai was puking all over the place and had other "tummy issues".. I hate saying the word that it was....but you know what "tummy issues" are.. so yea that was fun! Finally she went back to school on Wednesday and it seemed like things couldn't possibly get worse.. WRONG!
Italy was overly fussy that morning so I thought  "maybe she is just sleepy". So I rocked and patted and kissed and done all the "soothing" techniques I could think of to get her to sleep. Then, the infamous words that were spoken by Thai two days before " my tummy hurts".. before I could even get up to take her to the bathroom it was too late! Projectile apples and milk all over us and the blanket... Round 2 of the tummy virus was well on its way. Italy also had "tummy issues" and let's just say she wasn't as successful as Thai was when heading to the potty.

So super long story a little shorter. Italy was out for the count and then when all seemed good, mommy was out! B Boy was the only one that won that battle! Thankfully!!

So as we go into week 3 of April which for me is also " Shark Week" BLAH! I can only pray that things don't  "pop up" again!

This was probably one of the most stressful situations I have ever had to deal with.... but I gotta be honest... all this craziness just made me feel stronger, wiser and more appreciative of the help I have when my hubby is around. Would I want to go through this again? Absolutely NOT!

But I know if I did... I would survive!

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