Mom Life 101

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As a mom, I wear many hats.... we all do.  and in our house, the hat most worn is mediator and bad cop. This post is definitely inspired by the events of today....

So let me fill you in a tad on our current "situation"... As you may know my husband is an entrepreneur and his business really takes him where ever his heart desires, so for the past 2 months he has been building his business in Kansas City. Sooo yes because it is school time, the kiddies and I are still back in Texas. :(. He comes home once a month for a regional event so I get to see him for about 36 hours a month... whomp whomp whooommp....

So anywho yea, that is how my life is going to be for quite some time now and I THINK I have accepted that! But today was just one of those hair pulling, backwards counting, talking yourself off the ledge from a fiery volcano pit kind of day. It started off great, we went on a "field trip" and made some awesome crafts... we even went out for pizza during lunch! But during these events, an occasional squabble would break out.. the girls are trying to one up each other, the baby is screaming because she wants out of her seat and someone hit someone because someone said something about them.. I even pulled a Dorothy ( my grandma) and pulled over on the side of the road and waited until they "straitened out"

I'm not one to really go on and on about how crappy my day was because I do know a lot of people have it worse, I get that.... but still, on my crappy day meter this one was up there!

So as a mom, I am asking you moms... do you ever just feel like your kids just have days when they are just, to put it nicely, bad??

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