Spring Fling

by - 6:37:00 PM

green, tan and floral

So Spring is my second favorite time of the year( I love fall!) ..simply because my birthday is in Spring and so are majority of my babies lol.

But it seems like there is always something going on in Spring! For us in our house, it is extremely busy because we have the Spring Holy Days! So mix that with birthdays, spring break and deep cleaning, you can only imagine my stress level! It literally goes from wine to hard liquor really quick lol..... But I really enjoy everything that goes on in Spring..

I was inspired to put this piece together for a woman that has a lot going on but can still look great and comfortable! Let's face it, short skirts are fine once in a while but If you are as busy as I am during this time of year... then you may forget once in a while you have on a short skirt! (guilty)

Tea length dresses or even separates  are perfect for Spring, they show just enough leg to say "Hey I'm no longer hibernating!" but also keep you protected against those sudden bursts of wind.

When using bold colors like this green dress, florals or nudes are always a safe bet!

Check out the details below for this outfit!

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