Ever After High Tea Party!

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HAPPY SPRING! (my second favorite time of the year remember?!) We just  got home from a wonderful, yet exhausting Spring Break. Little Miss Thailand turned 8 and little Miss Phoenix lost two teeth in one week! So if you read my last post, you know it was an EVENTFUL week! One plus was that I got to see my hubby everyday! It truly made my heart so full of joy, I could hardly contain it!

Any who, so as you can see from the title of this post it's not about my mushy re-connection with my hubby or how stressed I was over the "break". But, it is actually a post about our little Tea Party! My girls are in love with Ever After High.. everything about it excites them, makes them dream and really makes them laugh out loud. I must admit it is a cute little show. But with the girls' (Phe and Thai) Spring Break the exact same week, which NEVER happens, I decided to throw the girls a tea party and since it was Thais birthday, I thought it would be a nice treat to have everyone over together doing all the girly things she likes! 

So after what feels like a million hours of scouring Pinterest for Ever After High themed parties and Tea Party ideas, I came up with a few ideas for theirs!

(I apologize for the awful photos, wasn't very much lighting at my mothers house and it was very rainy)

1. First up, I found so many pins on easy party decor and I have to be honest, this was WAY harder than you think. I had my best friend help me cut 3 plastic table covers and it was very tricky. But, it did it's job, the girls loved it and it added color to a drab room.
An easy way to cover the wall
2. Another Pinterest favorite, hanging balloons! Balloons can get super expensive, fast! So hanging balloons lower the ceiling and make your decor look "full". The girls loved looking at these for some reason lol
Balloon Drop
3. One of the girls' favorite characters is Apple White. So I added a few fake apples along side one of their Apple White dolls.
Apple White

4. Since this was a tea party, and a few of the characters and episodes are based on Wonderland, I made "Wonderland Cookies" The first ones are from Pinterest (i'm shocked they actually worked) and the star and heart cookies were from the left over dough... so I just decorated them! The cupcakes were bought from Walmart and were sprayed purple and hot pink to match the EAH main colors. Then, I had them add edible glitter. I added the sugar pearls myself.
Sweet Treats
5. No party is complete without goody bags! Each bag was hand stamped with a key and had a friendship bracelet and one of a kind fabric ring! The scrolls were the official acceptance letter from Headmaster Grimm! Another Pinterest find!

6. Finally, Madeleine Hatter inspired hats! My wonderful Aunt made these herself! Each girl had their own! 

 It wasn't until I went though all the photos on my camera that I realized I missed a few items from our tea party! I made an enchanted mirror by gluing red roses and purple roses around it. We also had princess punch which was delicious! We just mixed pink lemonade and sprite whalaa!

Everyone had a blast! They had on their dresses and more importantly, their smiles! This tea party was definitely one to remember!

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