12 FUN ways to burn 100 calories!

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When you think about living a healthy life, the number 100 can be seen as a great thing or a not so great thing. 100 jumping jacks... NOT GREAT, 100 lbs lost, GREAT! 100 crunches (ouch) NOT GREAT, burning 100 Calories... GREAT!

Loosing weight and trying to be healthy at TIMES go hand and hand, even though they are two different things! Not everyone who is healthy wants to loose weight and sometimes people who want to loose weight, don't always make healthy choices.

I for example, am one of those later mentioned people lol. I am very busy and at times it's easier to just grab something on the way to wherever I'm losing my mind to get to! But we will talk about that later.

The same goes for me trying to get in a good workout. I try to hit the gym everyday but Saturday night is usually a no go. Since I keep the Sabbath, I do not work, workout, do house work *chews nails in anxiousness* or anything in that nature. So by time the sun sets Saturday the Kids Klub is closed :(.

But that doesn't mean that I can't do a little something something to keep burning those cupcake points (calories) that I have accumulated over the years away! So, on my not so entertaining Saturday nights, you can catch me doing a few of these fun activities( and some not so fun, ex. cleaning) around our home! 

Now back to that healthier choices discussion! Our friends over at Chobani have AH-MAZ-ING yogurt! Yes we all know this! Not to mention their Simply 100 line now has crunchy goodness! Of course it still has all the other good stuff you deserve in a yogurt... protein to help you feel full, great flavors and no artificial sweeteners. The best part about it is its only 100 calories! YES 100!!!

So dear readers join the bandwagon and let's live healthier lives and let's make healthier choices! When on Facebook or Twitter use the hashtag #Simply100 to encourage others and get ideas on how you can burn 100 calories doing everyday things!

Also check out www.thelightthatsright.com to get awesome recipes, check out the new flavors and even grab a COUPON while they last!

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