Working Girl

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white, navy, fuschia

 One of my passions in life is fashion... I have always loved putting together pieces for people and the ultimate dream is to obtain my own shop and sell my own pieces.. But I hate sewing and I am a terrible artist!
If you haven't guessed or noticed already, I am a busy mama with a lot on my plate! So really, spending hours coming up with one design is not an option. So for now most of my fashion life comes from creating looks and dressing people, which I LOVE just as much. 
Since I am really busy and a lot of people that seek my help are not in my area,  I decided to create online "look books" and style guides for different occasions. 

First off let me just sayI adore this outfit!

In between playdates and school stuff, I own my own business and from time to time, I have meetings in person and events to attend. An outfit like this is the perfect transition outfit. You can go from PTA and play time to business meetings and business events.So it only makes sense to have something fitting for both!

For this look, I paired sleek navy trousers with an amazing bright blazer, simple accessories and ol faithful herself.. a nude heel! 

As a professional  woman, your days will always vary and who knows what curve balls will come your way when you are a mom as well. One thing is a must in your should always have something similar as a go to! You want something that looks stylish but also ready power through business meetings...  Professional attire with a POP!

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