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So a lot of my friends are childless, and every now and then I can clearly see the difference! I always considered myself as a pretty fashionable person.. and  just because I am a mom, that doesn't mean that I can't dress up a bit! I always loved trying new combos, new styles and looking into different sources of inspiration. I really have eclectic taste, so a lot of my outfits are random and usually "not planned". If it looks good and I feel good in it.... I'm wearing it!

  BTW....I love these jeans! These jeans have pretty much been my "go to" pair. You know those pair of jeans that fit perfect in every way? The color is perfect, the fact that they go with everything, the pair you feel your most confident in? Yea these are those! I honestly wear these jeans once a week. That probably is a bad idea but I LOVE them!

 These jeans are from Forever 21 and I found them hiding on a rack burried behind the early release clothes for fall. It's almost as if they were waiting for me to hunt them down and give them a good home lol.
  I also found this  cardigan and body suit from Forever 21! Although this body suit is comfy and could be used for just about any outfit, I wasn't very happy with the over all quality of the fabric. After one wash it seemed as if the fabric had thinned out and it became a tad see through.. with the right lighting.

  Forever 21 actually has decent finds at good prices (some stuff not so decent). I think overall they have a pretty wide variety for all ages (why else would the store be SO huge), but not so much for all bodies. I don't mind buying something that is marked up $2 more because of it is "plus size", and I don't even mind going all the way to the back of the store. My real only "issue" is that Forever 21 doesn't have enough variety in it's plus size section. S

Sooo, when getting your latest threads at Forever 21, I have one rule for all you plus size gals! 


Everything looks one way on a mannequin and completely different on you! And if you are a mom, you definitely need to try on everything! There were plenty of times I would see something and think, "I can't wear that I'm a mom" or "I cant' wear that my body is not even close to having a shape". But once I seen how I looked and not a picture or mannequin, my mind would change about 90% of the time.
  The shoes are Enzo Angiolini  and I got them from Nordstrom. I will be honest, they are not as comfy as they look, but the are actually great quality shoes! I have had these shoes for a few years and they really have stayed in a near perfect condition!

Sooo moral of the story....

Just because you are a mom, plus size or anything in between, you can be hot! 

What is your "go to" mom outfit? Let me know in the comments below!!

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