Simple Daily Makeup

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If you know me then you know I LUUUHHHHVVVVVVV makeup! I have always been fascinated by it! The way you can transform your face, enhance your beauty and even hide a few flaws ( for me it's scars) is nothing short of magical. As you know I am a mom and we kinda have a reputation for not always looking our best. I admit there are days when I don't even brush my hair for the day or I stay in oh so comfy yoga pants.  One thing I always tell my gals, is that they should have a daily look! You don't necessarily have to do it every day, but a simple look that you know you like is the optimal goal.

 When we are overwhelmed with life, home stuff, work stuff or just a stressful week that has you feeling blah, makeup is one simple way to easily lift your spirits. You feel different, you feel motivated, and ready to take on the day. All you need is something simple that you can get down pat so it will always look crisp and flawless...... even if in a hurry!

So here are a few things that you will need to have for your daily look!

  1.  Eye Popping Mascara.- Get one that really gives you lift and volume! 
  2. At least 2-3 different nude lip colors! (gloss, lipstick, pencil) -These three babies will take you to the promise land when you are wanting a clean daily look.
  3. Neutral tone eye shadows.- Browns can go a long way... there are so many different shades of brown out there... you really only need 3 (cool, warm and deep) just make sure you blend baby blend!
  4. Pale blush.- My absolute favorite is Dainty by MAC. It is the perfect shade of dewy pink! 
  5. Light foundation/ powder- Let me be frank..... YOU DON'T WANT A CAKE FACE EVERYDAY! As much as I love a great full coverage, you want to make sure your face is not suffocating... let that thing breathe! If you have something you want to cover then use a tad concealer or correcter.. Plus TOO much makeup can cause breakouts more than usual.
  6. Last but not least...... EYELINER.... if you are going for full on wings like ^^^^^, then go for that always reliable black liner. Just use a liquid with fine brush so it won't look as heavy as something like a gel or pencil. For the waterline, use deep browns or similar to make your eyes pop!

One thing I pride myself on is classic looks. I have a variety of set looks that I do and they are pretty much "classic" or "simple" looks but boy do they make me feel good!

I hope you enjoyed these little tips for everyday makeup! Drop me a pic of your everyday makeup in the comments!!!

Ciao for now!!

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