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As a long time makeup lover, I really believe that you can never have enough lipstick.. There is no shade that should ever go untouched, even if it's just to try out.  Your lipstick says a lot about who you are and how confident you are. Now lets be realistic, I'm not saying go out there and buy every shade of blue you see and wear it everyday for weeks... (maybe a fitting occasion) but always try something new. 

These two colors were actually shades I had never even thought of. Back then I was still learning how to create looks that flowed and enhanced my features. I wasn't looking for these they were just thrust-ed upon me from the makeup gurus of our time....

I'm pretty big on following people that are well known for their crafts or I feel like I connect with on a student/teacher level (me being the student obvi). But two people that I look up to in the world of makeup, @ooh_lalaa_livia and @ themayaahmad blogged about these shades and when I tried them, I fell in love! 

Both lipsticks are from MAC.
The lighter shade is Sweet & Sour (A24) and it is a cremesheen. Like the matte lipsticks, I advise to moisturize your lips very well before use. Even though it is a creamy lipstick, it will tend to dry your lips out a tad..

The darker shade has become my go- to red lipstick for fall... it is called Rebel (A24) and it is a satin. This color is so romantic and sexy! I pair with with a liner called deep red and it gives it a little extra dimension.

So, if you don't have these colors already I HIGHLY suggest you snag them and add them to your lipstick club ASAP!

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