Meet the Kiddies

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Meet Phoenix, Thailand, Baltimore and Italy..
(yes those are their real names)

  These are the craziest, silliest, sweetest, smartest and all around goofiest kids in the universe, but I wouldn't change them for anything! My family is my heartbeat..everything they feel, I feel.  My wonderful little family is indeed a blended family but that doesn't change anything. We laugh, cry, sing, dance, go crazy and everything else... just like a "normal" family.

  However.... we do have something that is not so normal. One of our little peas (my step daughter) lives over 8 hours away :(.... It isn't easy getting chances to see her because of the distance and schedules.. but we make the best of it. Thank God for technology! We  FaceTime each other as much as we can and thankfully she is old enough (and very smart) to use one of her Igadgets to text us or skype us during the day! 

The distance between our family is one of the hardest things we have to go through. We want everyone to be happy, but the truth is... we're not. It's hard knowing that someone you helped create (dad) and someone that you have loved before they were even born (both), is not there when you first wake up. They're not there for you to kiss them goodnight or even just to sit and watch them be them! It's so challenging.... but it's the life we live.

Of course now with every kid there are milestones, hurdles, lessons and challenges. It's part of the job description. That's why parenthood is the hardest job in the world. Knowing that you, yes YOU, are responsible for every outcome of their young life can be intimidating or just outright nerve wracking! 

  Yes, at times it gets over whelming, but it's always worth it when they give you those HUGE hugs just because! Or when you are sick and they comfort you or, when you try to cry behind the cabinet door and they rush over just to make sure you are ok. And it's definitely worth it when they just say "I love you".

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