Jump Start

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Need a jump start?

Looking to jump start your workout routine or make it more intense? Then this may be the app for you! 

When trying to lose weight or tone, your workouts have to become more and more challenging. Keeping a routine the same for too long can become ineffective and after a while your body just goes through the motions. There is no challenge, no resistance for your muscles.. it just becomes normal movements in your everyday life. Not to mention you sweat less and you begin to burn less, so your not really loosing weight.

When I first started my weight loss journey I signed up for every class that 24 hour fitness offered. I went faithfully to my favorite classes and pretty much scheduled my life around them lol. But thanks to the best trainer in the world, I fell in love with Nike Training Club (NTC). Each class had a different theme like cardio, legs, arms and so on.... I would take this class like 8 times a week! It was that amazing! There wasn't a class that would make me sweat more or work as hard as NTC. But after my trainer left 24 hour and to started his own training camp, I needed something in between his classes that was just as effective.I really didn't go back to 24 hour much after he left.. I was seriously spoiled!!

After research and asking my old gym buddies, they are seemed to recommend the Nike Training Club app. Now I have had apps before that I would grab because they were free or they randomly popped up in ads on my smart phone. But once I got this app I started using it right away and I seen results too! My first week routine I lost 10lbs! I'm pretty positive I would have lost more but my diet is always my downfall lol.

One of the best things about the Nike Training Club app is that it is a free app! I love that it lets you keep track of  calories burned, minutes you've worked out and it gives you a custom routine for your personal goal. It even shows you how to do every workout and even allows modifications. This in my opinion is one of the most effective, personal and accurate apps around. I definitely recommend you get this if you are wanting to change up your routine. Also, did I mention you don't even need weights or other equipment!? Some of the workouts you can use some equipment but for most of the workouts you don't need anything! Great right! Overall this is my favorite app for workouts.

Have a favorite fitness app? comment below so I can check it out!

* It will also require the Nike running app to keep track of your miles*

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