Healthy Habits... Start small

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Hello all! 

So after being out of town for a leadership training, I tried and tried and tried to stay on my healthy eating regimen. But when you are with a lot of people... all day long, snacking seems to be the only thing to keep you going lol. I did have some healthy snacks but not enough "meals", so by the end of the night the things I would eat would in no shape or form benefit me. However, I did try this AMAZING red wine while away :). 

So now that I'm back, I have been thinking of things that I would do to jump start my "diet". The first thing that came to mind was where I shopped. I love our Farmers Market in Dallas! They have the best fresh produce and not to mention you get tons of food for minimal prices! When you walk through the metal sheds (open walls) you see so many different farmers with rows and rows of fruits, veggies, nuts, herbs, sauces you name it. They have samples for you to try and if you are not careful you will buy their whole stand, that's how awesome they are!!

Anyway I could go on and on about how delicious the food is and how you feel when you first arrive, but one thing outside of the quality of food is the price! Of course shopping in season plays a huge role in what you bring home, but you definitely get what you pay for! The picture above was taken last fall from The Dallas Farmer's Market. I haven't been able to go in a while because we have moved outside the city. But all the this fresh organic produce was purchased for less than $40.00! 
In the bags ( except cereal) was huge green apples, 2 bunches of bananas and one pineapple! 

Yes crazy right?! 

I strongly encourage you to shop at your local farmer's market to save a few $$$ and have the most nutritious food possible! 

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  1. I like getting my fruits and veggies from Farmer's Markets as they seem more fresh and the variety is always to my liking. Once in a while you can even find unfamiliar products that inspire new recipes!

    1. Yes! Thankfully we live right up the street from one. They have amazing fresh food.