Date Night for Cynthia

by - 12:46:00 PM

Everyone meet Cynthia! 

Cynthia is a good friend of mine and when she asked me to do her makeup, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to do her makeup! Cynthia was recently married and she was wanting a special look for date night with her new husband! One thing I will pretty much 99.8% of the time recommend for date night is a sexy smokey eye! A good smokey eye brings out a whole new level of sultry and glam that you or your significant other may never have seen before! Plus it's always good to have a YOWZA look!

For this look, I used deep, chocolate browns and black at the outer corner of the eye. I mixed these colors with a shade darker skin tone shadow to blend into a natural highlight right below the brow.

 Anytime you are using broad range of colors, make sure you have a "transition" color. A transition color is one that is between the lightest color shadow and darkest color shadow you are using. This will help with blending them together and keep the eyes from looking unfinished.

 With a deep sultry eye like this one, you don't want to draw to much attention away from your eyes. The best option would be to pair your smokey eyes with an amazing nude lip!
But if you really feel daring...a deep lip or a matte red one!

*** When using a matte lipstick, make sure your lips are moisturized very well***

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