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This is 10: Thailand's Birthday

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Hey y'all!

Man, time is really going by fast! We are already starting to prepare for the Spring Holy days and second, my little special baby is turning 10! This is so crazy!!
You would think that I would be ok with having another 10 year old, but the truth is.. having half of your in-house kid population 10 or older has been heartbreaking lol. My babies are all growing up and it is a matter of time before the younger two are starting to enter those dreaded pre-teen years as well. 

Any way! Last year I started an online scrapbook for my kiddos! Every year on their birthday, I plan to post a recent photo and interesting facts about them. Want to see Thai's post and how much she has changed from last year? Check it out HERE!

Thailand is the sweetest and kindest little girl I have ever met! She is constantly putting others wants and needs before hers. At times she can be a little bossy ( but what girls aren't lol), but she always does the right thing in the end. Seeing her flourish in life is nothing short of inspiring!

So! To celebrate little Thai turning 10, here are 10 things about her!

1. My favorite subjects are math, science, music and P.E.
2. My favorite show is Sonic Boom and Sonic X and Proud Family.
3. My favorite food is  salad.
4. My favorite color is red.
5. My favorite sport is tennis. I really want to learn how to play.
6. My favorite toys are shopkins and dolls.
7. I love puppies and I want one!
8. I love cooking with my mommy, daddy and my older sister.
9. I like to read.
10. Ten is going to be fun and hard.

My little Thailand has changed so much throughout this year! Every day that goes by, I see her try harder and harder to be the best Thailand she can be. 

Thailand, if you happen to read this when you are older, just know that we all love you and we are so proud of all the things you have accomplished! We will always be there when you need us and even when you don't! Congratulations on turning the big 10! 

What milestone has your child hit that you are so proud of? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Happy Birthday to Thailand! I love these photos of her. On top of being adorable, she looks like a very joyful and interesting person.

    1. Thank you! It was freezing that day but she was a soldier lol

  2. Happy birthday! She’s so grown! Ugh, my oldest starts school this fall

    1. My youngest starts Kindergarten this fall... All my babies are growing up!

  3. Oh my goodness how sweet! Happy birthday and I can't wait to read about all your new experiences! I love when children grow - its a love and hurt relationship!

    1. Thank you! She definitely has changed within this past year... we both have!

  4. She seems like such a sweet little girl! Favorite food is salad? You must me doing something right!

    1. Thank you! Yes, salad is both of our favorites! She loves when I add eggs and turkey bacon too lol

  5. That's a great idea that you started an online scrapbook for your children! Actual scrapbooking takes up so much time... That's why I can never get around to it. Anyway, I love that you made a list of things about her! Keep doing that and you will love looking back at it someday.

    1. I am glad I started doing it too, just seeing the way they change from to year is incredible!

  6. Happy birthday! These pictures are so cute I love the metallic balloon!


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