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My Travel Makeup Essentials

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Hey y'all! I am out here is the beautiful Ozarks! Right now I am sitting by the patio, sipping a mimosa waiting for my husband to finish cooking his famous bbq chicken and the arrival from my mom, BIL and SIL!
Unfortunately, what should be a picture perfect two weeks, have been kinda painful. Outside of the constant hiccups we had getting everything in order to head out of town, I have had this massive sty! I know, I know, a sty is no big deal.... and normally yes, you are right! I would just put a warm towel on it and it would all be good. This go round, it is so painful and even at times hinders my vision! It seriously has been a pain.. literally!

Enter #eyegate....

So while I have been trying to tame my eye I have been patiently waiting to pull out my favorite fall lip shades!
I seriously have a ton of makeup lol. One day I may have to pull it all out and show y'all my "collection" lol. But for now, let me share with you my traveling makeup essentials!

It's no secret that when traveling, your space is usually limited. And for me, my space is usually occupied by a kid lol.

My Face: My skin skin changes so often and having the right shades are a must! One day my skin will look pretty fair and then the next day, it will be so dry! I tend to always travel with foundation, creams and powders. I don't always use them all but better safe than sorry right?! I am in love with my Maybelline foundation. It  blends so well with my skin and it really makes me look "poreless". I also love this blush from MAC. It is called "dainty" and I literally wear it all the time. My Diamond glow powder is one of my favorite highlighters! It is so pigmented!

Applicators: Brushes and blenders are a huge factor in makeup. You want one that blends well and holds product well too. These are my daily brushes. I use my blender to apply my foundation, my  contour brush (white) to make sure I am getting my powder precise, My blush brush (green) holds product perfectly and is big enough to only have to apply twice. My fan brush (wood) is used for my highlight and my round face brush ( black) is to dust off extra and blend.

 My favorite fall lip color is this deep red liner and Rebel from MAC. They are gorgeous together! I love this primer from Smashbox as well. Not only do I apply it all over my face, but I also put a tad on my lips to keep the liner and lipstick from fading to quickly.

My simple eye shadow look is definitely a secret weapon! The melon shade and the brown shade blend so well together that it gives an allusion of a light brown smokey eye. Plus the melon shade has a tad touch of shimmer so it looks great in the corner of your eye!

To take my simple shadow look to the next level, I use these MUST HAVES! My EYEKO liquid liner gives me the best wing! Plus it is jet black so it definitely adds some drama. My Makeup Forever Excessive Lash is the definition of DRAMA! I get the look of false lashes without having to actually put some on lol.

So there ya have it! Whenever I travel, do my makeup on the go or am in a rush, I pull out my go to stash of essentials!
Do you have any makeup essentials or must haves? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. GReat collection of must-haves for travelling! I'm sorry your eye is causing you so many troubles and ruining your holiday a bit though - hope it heals up soon!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you! I always have to have my "comfort tools" when away from home lol. My eye is healing much better now! Almost 100%


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