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My Ultimate Toddler Tote

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Hello there lovely people!

Let me just say this, I have literally only ONE toddler let and I am starting to freak out! I can;t imagine what it will be like with 4 kids that are no longer considered little kids but big kids! Some one help me out here lol.

But seriously, as they have gotten older, I started to realize how much "less chaotic" my life was whenever I would step out of the house or go on trips. I would have my whole life and another human beings life packed to capacity in a diaper bag! Let me tell you moms out there this, I have envied you for a looonnngg time! I mean you literally have one bag that has EVERYTHING you need! Hand cleaners, emergency items, clothes, food and whatever else you could fit in it. I know I would pack basically a drawer, half a sleeve from the diaper box, a  whole can of Gerber puffs and I would feel like I could conquer the world!

But now that I have a toddler, a little man and two on the verge of of becoming pre- teens, I can't be that mom that still carries a diaper bag! I just could't do it to them...

So, I have decided instead of carrying a diaper bag, or making them lug around extra bags (they keep school work in their backpacks) I would carry things that were necessary for the kids and my sanity. My new prized possession.... MY TODDLER TOTE!!

Okay so it isn't a legit "tote" but I can carry all that I need to keep the kids clean, entertained, fed and a quick change of clothes because well yea.... kids. Check out all that goes inside.. for now!

So of course I had to get something fashionable that my older girls would love and something that was comfortable and big enough to tote stuff around all day for 4 kids. I found this super cute bag from Walmart for less than $20.

In the center pocket (biggest) we have snacks and goodies. My kids love gum and as long as they are listening and being well behaved, I let them chew on some of their favorites. I also have several packs of fruit snacks, granola bars and will switch out between animal crackers or snack crackers.

On the left pocket, we have our boredom busters. A pack of cards to play games, the tablet (don't forget the charger), and one of our old iPhones. They have all their school apps downloaded and some fun games that they don't know are educational ssshh lol!

My kiddos have allergies pretty bad, so do I! So I have extra packs of tissue, band- aids, chapstick, handy wipes and safety pins. For some reason I always get asked for one or need one when out and about. So I had to have a few in there!

Inside, each kid has a change of clothes and if need be, an extra pair of shoes. Most of the time they don't need to bring any shoes unless they want to bring sandals along.

Since I started carrying my "toddler tote" I seem to be more on top of things lol. The kids have what they want, I have what I need and there is peace once again in the kingdom!

Do you still use a diaper bag? What all do you need to make it through the day? Let me know in the comments below!!

Also, how cute is my water bottle?! My Aunt helped my kiddos make it for one of my Mother's Day gifts! It reads " I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" with eyes winking lol. I love it! It is a quote from one of my all time favorite movies.. Mean Girls! lol

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  1. I have a 2-year-old and 3-year-old and recently switched to a smaller bag. I hated lugging around a huge diaper bag! Love your tote.

    1. oh man! Yea a 2 and 3 year old need a lot lol. How are you doing with a smaller bag now? Thank you so much!

  2. That bag is so cute. Its crazy the cute finds you can get at Walmart sometimes. Love all the things you pack in it as well. My kids always need a bandaid lol

    1. Thank you Fawn! I know it's crazy! I think they are starting to change their direction of items they sell (which is good). My kids always need them too!

  3. We have never been a fan of the huge diaper bags. We started using my hubbys backpack diaper bag and never went back. But I am looking forward to when we can reduce the amount of stuff we have to take every time we leave the house

    1. Ever since I started using this bag, I take it even if I don't have the kiddos with me lol! It's so easy to keep my belongings together that way!

  4. Oh I am looking forward to the days when I don't need to carry so much around, haha! Our baby bag always feels so full and heavy! Most of the time I stuff it on the stroller but I'll definitely be downsizing when I don't need the stroller any more - not long until that happens now! (I have 2 boys under 3).

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I always felt so overwhelmed with a diaper bag!I would always squeeze it into the bottom of the stroller too! lol Thank you for commenting! Have a great weekend!


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