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UNLEAVENED School Lunch Ideas: Day 5

5:26:00 PM

So here we are already.. Day 5! This Friday evening will conclude our observance of The Feast of Unleavened Bread! Since it is a High Holy Day, we will have double services so I needed something that was going to be filling and also appetizing.

It has been so much fun documenting the kids unleavened lunches! I really hope you found them helpful and would consider them for the future!

A little about Day 5...

We try not to eat junk food in our house, but since it is the last day for school lunches, I thought I would throw in one last surprise! When ever we do get chips (very rare unless it's for dad) the kiddies opt for BBQ chips. Sooo I gave them a reasonable portion to end the week. Of course they love apple sauce pouches so that was a no brainer! B-Boy is really into pastas and basagna (lasagna, still working on that word lol) so i knew I wouldn't have to hear any complaints from lunch up until dinner time!

So here sums up our 5 days of  unleavened school lunches.....

Miss day 4? Check it out HERE!

Have any questions or comments?! Let me know below!

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