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So this is totally RANDOM! 

  I'm sitting here enjoying my lunch and doing some work. When I go to log onto my site and start a post, which I'm doing on my laptop because we are out of town, I am still logged into my old account, which I did not notice. When I click through to start editing, I noticed it was different... very different. It was my very FIRST blog... EVER. lol It was about my weight loss journey and as I read over some of the posts, it was very eye opening.  Seeing the old me from years ago and how much I have grown since then made me realize.... Life is not a race but a marathon... We won't get what we want unless we keep pushing and keep trying to better ourselves. I'm really glad I seen those ( forgot they existed), it totally made me appreciate every up and down I have been through...

Anywho... if you are interested, here is the link to the blog!

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